Sympathy For Delicious is the new film starring and directed by Oscar nominated actor Mark Ruffalo.  Relevant magazine interviews the director, and one of the issues he addresses is why Hollywood doesn’t make good movies about faith and belief:

“It’s a little bit of a sad state of affairs for storytelling because great stories are stories that are based in truth. There are certain coarse realities about faith—real, street-level faith. We don’t want to look at it because it’s ugly to us, but it’s where there is a lot of grace. If we are who we say we are, then we have to engage in those things that frighten us or repulse us. Otherwise, we’re part of the problem. And we do think we sanitized our storytelling in such a way that the stories aren’t being told in the way they should and could be to really touch people—and teach people. That’s what storytelling is for, really, in one of its aspects. Sure, entertainment is wonderful for us, and we need that. But more so, at this moment in time, we need stories that enlighten us and teach us about ourselves and show us compassion about others.”

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