Skye Jethani, at Out of Ur, has a new post exploring the exodus of those whom Matt Chandler calls the “de-churched”:

“Essentially, Chandler attributes the exodus of young people to the proclamation (explicitly or implicitly) of a false gospel of “moralistic deism.” This understanding of the Christian life says that if you obey God’s rules he will bless you with what you desire…. The problem arises when God’s blessing doesn’t come—or doesn’t come in the form we want. Divorce, illness, poor grades, failed relationship—virtually any hardship has the potential to destroy one’s faith in Christ and the church that represents him. So, according to Chandler, people walk away. They enter the ranks of the de-churched.”

Skye believes there are also other reasons for the departure of these young believers, and lists three categories of the de-churched:

  1. The Relationally De-Churched. 
  2.  The Missionally De-Churched
  3.  The Transformationally De-Churched

Though these sort of discussions have gone on for some time now, I still think  it’s important and relevent. Check out the post Who are the De-Churched (Part 1):