“The sober truth is that at this season in American life, when our non-evangelical neighbors hear the word evangelical, they think of politics before they think of the gospel.” – Aliens and Citizens 

The Christian Vision Project has posted a great article by Jordan Hylden entitled Aliens and Citizens, where he reminds God’s people of the importance of remembering our identity as aliens in a foreign land, even as we “seek the good” of the cities we live in:

“In trying to come to terms with our paradoxical responsibility, theologian Stanley Hauerwas’s dictum can be helpful: “The first responsibility of the church is to be the church.” That sounds right, but what does it mean? He explains: “The church doesn’t have a social ethic; the church is a social ethic.” Hauerwas reminds us that before we go off trying to come up with whom Jesus would vote for, we first have to understand what the church is. And when we think about that, we start to realize that the church has a politics (from the Greek polis, or body of citizens) of its own—that is, a way of living together as the body of Christ that shows the world a “more excellent way.”

You can read the whole article here: http://www.christianvisionproject.com/2008/11/aliens_and_citizens.html