After a long, unplanned, and unannounced sabbatical from my blog (please forgive the absence), I am now ready to resume blogging. I know that I’ve certainly lost some readers, but according to the number of clicks I’ve continued to receive, there seems to be a continued interest, as well as some new readers of old posts. So next week I’ll resume making regular posts, but there will also be some changes; to the links on my blog roll, maybe the look of the site, and possibly even a name change (all of which reflect some of the changes I’ve gone through over the past year). I hope you’ll come on board, and check it out. Meanwhile, with the coming of a new year comes new resolutions. Though I haven’t made any (I am working on my “goals” for the year), below I have posted some of my reflections on some of the things I learned in 2009.  I pray that we’ll all have a great and prosperous 2010!



Life Lessons of 2009: Some Things I learned

– Regarding religious and political systems, ten years after The Matrix I still find that it’s better to take the “red pill”. Many people, however, are still not ready to be “unplugged”, and will always prefer the safety of the “blue pill” rather than the real deal (Colossians 2 and Matthew 23:37). 

– Following Christ and practicing religion is still not the same thing (Luke 10:25-37).  

– Crises that make a person weak and vulnerable to attack (divorce, sickness, depression, loss, etc.) will reveal true friends and supporters, while exposing false friends and hidden enemies (Psalm 35:10-28)… 

– …And yet, there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). 

– I’ve read it many times, but now know it to be true: Jesus did not come to bring peace (Matthew 10:34-39). Following Him will separate you from your idols, no matter how dear. He wants to BE our Peace. 

– God is merciful and just: He wastes no experience and is able to redeem our losses (grace always abounds more than our failures). And no one “gets away” with anything, so do not worry or retaliate returning evil for evil (Psalm 37:1-15). Forgiveness can be hard to give and to receive, but love wins out. 

– Gratitude is a key to joy, even in the midst of hardship. Gratitude and hardship; the two are not mutually exclusive: secret treasures are hidden in dark places. 

– Destiny may be an event in life, but it is also present in the moment, in the choices we make while walking in God’s will day by day (Proverbs 16:9). 

– Time flies, so it’s important to “number our days”, forgetting the past, enjoying life as it comes, redeeming the time by making the most of every opportunity. :-)